Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ciara and Nicki Minaj release new video "I'm Out"

Ciara is once again back in the spotlight, this time releasing and promoting her brand new video "I'm Out." Ciara isn't alone this time, teaming up with R&B superstar Nicki Minaj. Ciara has already had a big year with her smooth, heart pumping song "Body Party." Ciara wasn't heard of much last year so it is great to have her featured this summer, especially with Nicki. Ciara shows no signs of slowing down in 2013, much like her new video.

You have to make sure you download this video with MediaDrug. Ciara is banging hot, looking more like she did a few years back when she was on top of the world. Even better, in this video, you will see Nicki Minaj like you've never seen her before. We are all aware how extreme Nicki is with her fashion statements, but in this video, you will see a side of Nicki that you never knew existed!

"I'm Out" is sure to be a big hit video. I'm Out is the type of song that gets you, makes you want to dance, no matter where you are. The different tones, beats, and speeds give this song the chance to hit number one. Given the following of Nicki and Ciara both, it is sure to be a social media hit. One of the best parts in the video is when Nicki is singing slow and then she beings blasting out raps in warp speed. "I'm Out" is off Ciara's self-titled album that is featured to be released on July 5th.

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